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Artificial intelligence – creative, universal, fair

+++ application robot discriminates against women +++ algorithm prefers white faces +++ chat bot spreads hatred and agitation +++

Fair? Moment! How free from prejudice can AI be in the face of such headlines? Rather, does it not reproduce problematic stereotypes and social injustice? And is it possible to develop objective AI in the future?

KI & We * want to find the answers. Together with a strong community of experts and those interested in AI, we want to explore how capable AI systems are in terms of social skills and diversity – and where both AI and we still have to learn.

Artificial intelligence already determines our everyday life more than we might think and perceive. We live with AI, and researchers from different disciplines are further developing AI as systems that can solve the most complex problems possible. For us, our society, our common future. This is exactly why we have been organizing the AI & We * Convention on Artificial Intelligence with many committed partners since 2019. After the focus in the previous year was on AI and gender, in 2020 we will dedicate ourselves to the question of how artificial intelligence of the future can take into account aspects such as fairness and objectivity.

Be there!

The convention is open to everyone who thinks about how artificial intelligence can become fairer and more diverse. Become part of the community, participate in discussions and give the image of AI in public a new, cliché-free face.

The team

Project leader: Ilka Bickmann, board member science2public – Society for Science Communication eV

Project coordination: Teresa Kemnitz, science2public – Society for Science Communication eV

Curator: Natalie Sontopski, Digital Culture Complex Laboratoryat Merseburg University of Applied Sciences

Editorial staff: Doreen Nagelmüller, science2public – Society for Science Communication eV

Design: Elisa Haubert

Web development: Codemacher UG

The KI & Wir * -Convention is an initiative of the Ministry for Economy, Science and Digitization of the State of Saxony-Anhalt in cooperation with science2public – Society for Science Communication and with the support of the state universities of Saxony-Anhalt and other partners.

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