Whether you are a gender researcher, app developer, science fiction author or designer – dealing with AI has many faces. The COMMUNITY wants to create an exchange between AI experts, encourage new perspectives, initiate exciting projects and deepen knowledge about AI.

And what does AI have to do with you? Introduce yourself and your area of expertise and network with other experts from the world of artificial intelligence!

Prof. Dr. Julia Arlinghaus

Prof. Dr. Julia C. Arlinghaus

Chair for Production Systems and Automation at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg
Julia Gundlach

Julia Gundlach

Bertelsmann Stiftung, Working Group “Algorithm Ethics”
Vanessa Cann

Vanessa Cann

Managing Director KI Bundesverband eV

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At regular intervals, KI & Wir * asks all those interested in AI for their opinion on developments and trends relating to artificial intelligence. You can find the survey results so far here.

Spaltet Künstliche Intelligenz die Gesellschaft?

Wie wird Künstliche Intelligenz unsere Arbeitswelt verändern?

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