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Any-Cubes: grasp AI and understand it playfully

The Any-Cubes learning tool makes artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things understandable: Simply train an AI model for image recognition by hand and thus trigger actions in the real world. In our mini-workshop you will find out how machines learn and why AI is so versatile. You can get started right away even without programming knowledge: You develop an idea for your own AI project and try it out right away. At the end we will give you a few golden rules of what is important when dealing with AI. You will also get further links so that you can experiment with artificial intelligence at home.


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As part of the AI & We* Convention 2021, Alexander Scheidt from FH Potsdam led the workshop on image recognition using an AI model on 27.11.2021.

15. December 2021 Doreen Nagelmüller