Bruno Kramm

He wrote his first computer game in 1984 at the age of 17 on the Commodore 64 and won a “Golden Disk” from CHIP. 5 years later he founded one of the first German alternative music labels and toured with his own band in the course of his music career through Europe, the USA, Russia and Asia. In the mid-1990s he was involved in founding the first private internet provider in Upper Franconia, Spektracom. As an expert on copyright, collecting societies and artist rights in the digital age, he not only supported the Pirate Party as an advisor, but also acted as state chairman in Berlin, as political director in Bavaria and as a candidate for the European and federal election campaigns.

Bruno has already spoken at events such as re: publica, Berlin Music Days, Leipzig Book Fair, DJV Tagung, Google Collaboratory, Wikimedia Foundation, KI Observatory BMAS, ITT, Big Data World and published as a columnist for FAZ 2012-2013. As a participant and discussant, he took part in the TTIP Stakeholder Meeting in Washington and criticized the inadequate embedding of digital consumer protection in the free trade agreement.

As the deputy head of the KI Association in Central Germany, he networks SMEs, politics and KI startups and tries to break down social reservations about KI with its culture-creating aspects. At digitalgrid, he paid particular attention to the cultural and social implications of machine learning, artificial intelligence and the extensive automation and digitization of our society. As CEO of Infinite Devices GmbH, he takes care of the marketing of the AIoT platform infinimesh.