Whitepaper from DIN and DKE on ethical norms and standards for AI

The German Institute for Standardization eV (DIN) and the German Commission for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies (DKE) devoted themselves in a joint project to the question of how ethical aspects are taken into account when using artificial intelligence in autonomous machines and what contribution norms and standards can make. The focus was on three key questions:

  1. How can the definition of clear areas of application for an autonomous system lead to the consideration of ethics in technical norms and standards?
  2. Which prerequisites for ethical behavior of an autonomous machine / vehicle can be checked?
  3. How can norms and standards contribute to an improved interaction between humans and machines?

The results are recorded in the 62-page white paper “ETHICS AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: What can technical norms and standards achieve?”

Read and download the entire whitepaper from DIN, the German Institute for Standardization. V.

DIN ethical norms KI white paper
10. May 2020 Doreen Nagelmüller