AI expert commission of the Bundestag presents final report

The commission of inquiry “Artificial Intelligence – Social Responsibility and Economic, Social and Ecological Potential” of the German Bundestag set up in 2018 will have its Final report submitted. The state’s need for action had previously been discussed in order to make AI economically and socially useful as well as to determine its risks and dangers.

In the final document of around 800 pages, the individual project groups – each composed of politicians and experts – report on the opportunities and risks of artificial intelligence in the fields of economy, government, health, work, education, research, mobility and media

The report is based on the concept of a “human-centered AI”, which primarily aligns applications with the well-being of people and brings social benefits. This would also increase user confidence, the Commission said. “This trust is a fundamental key for social acceptance and the economic success of this technology.” The report also distinguishes “KI made in Germany” or “KI made in Europe” from Chinese and US approaches.

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20. November 2020 Doreen Nagelmüller