Katharina Schüller

Photo: E + A Photography / Tanja Smith

Katharina Schüller has headed the consulting company STAT-UP since 2003, with a focus on data strategies, data science and artificial intelligence. She studied statistics with specializations in business administration and psychology. She worked with Nobel Prize winner Kary Mullis and advises well-known companies, scientific institutions and the public sector. These include ministries such as the BMBF and the Federal Chancellery, but also the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment and the Federal Institute for Building, Urban and Spatial Research.

In 2020 she initiated the development of a data literacy charter sponsored by the Stifterverband, which was signed by over 100 well-known representatives from business, politics and science. In 2021, the IEEE Standards Association appointed her to head an international working group that is developing a global standard for data & AI literacy.

As head of the German Statistical Society, she is responsible for the topic of “Statistical Literacy” and is the author of numerous publications, including the study “A Framework for Data Literacy” for the Stifterverband.