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Demystifying AI: AI can accurately predict and optimize human behavior

Goodbye supervisor, hello AI? Some providers of AI-based solutions for personnel management suggest in their advertising that they can be used to optimize self-management and external management of employees in just a few steps. The applications record and analyze behavioral data of the workforce, combine it with business data and offer employees and supervisors insights into work processes, performance and potential. The introduction of such an application is therefore often associated with high expectations.

But what is it about the promises? In the session “Disenchanting AI: Can AI precisely predict and optimize human behavior?” Sonja Köhne from the Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society and Miriam Klöpper from the FZI Research Center for Computer Science clear up myths about the use of AI in personnel management. The two speakers introduce the topic with a short video and answer questions in the subsequent virtual panel.


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As part of the AI & We* Convention 2021, Miriam Klöpper and Sonja Köhne from the AI & Society Lab spoke about myths surrounding the use of AI in human resources management on 26.11.2021.

15. December 2021 Doreen Nagelmüller